Who is Susan?

There are a lot of great frames out there. You can buy a quality frame off the peg for a few hundred pounds and there are some absolute masterpieces in carbon fiber costing many thousands. So what is the point of a frame builder? What Dear Susan does is different. Dear Susan applies his creative and enquiring spirit to making bikes more useful and above all more fun. Having a good understanding of the engineering demands of different structures and materials is the baseline, but to keep it interesting you need to use this knowledge to make something new and exciting, to make something that is truly life enhancing in the way that only bicycles can be. The last few years has seen a huge revival in interest in and demand for hand built frames and there are many great framebuilders out there, but commissioning a bespoke machine is a collaborative process, one that requires a good co-operation between the rider and the builder. There are many framebuilders that can make you a classic frame with perfect engineering and immaculate finishing, but there are few who can innovate, who can take the needs of the rider and create something absolutely unique.
 “Bicycles can be beautiful, useful and fun, all at the same time.”

Stuart Dennison, Bikefix.