stuarts bikepicnicing bike

Stuart wanted a comfortable, upright bike for carrying picnicking gear. Stuart likes bikepicnicing. It’s like bikepacking but better. I don’t have to explain why, ok well the food’s better.

            Every year he goes to Iran, and while bikepicnicing in this country is comprised of days “sludgewombling” about in Epping forest and the surrey hills, bikepicknicing in Iran requires greater water carrying capacity, and is comprised of day rides over big rocks. Stuart isn’t a mountainbiker, and hopping over things with panniers and luggage is pretty technical so I designed for him a long wheelbase off road tourer, with a high bb, a central pinion gearbox, elevated chain stays, a gates belt drive and a super slack, clunkeresque head angle. He’s since added a suspension fork, cane creek thud buster, and mudguards from a motocross bike. Its made from a blend of Columbus main tubes and stays, with some t45 reinforcements.

            It’s not fast round the trails, it’s too tall and long for getting rad, but then its also not designed for shredding gnaaaaar. That being said it is a true ATB in that you can ride up, down over, under or through all terrain, in relative comfort fully laden with full confidence in your minimal skills

Petor Georgallou