“talldax” is, as indicated by its name, a tall audax bike. It was the first frame I built “properly” for myself at the wonderful bicycle academy in Frome. I love audax and I love just riding nice bikes on the road, in a pretty carefree way. I wanted a kind of everything bike that was a bit more fun. The “talldax” is made from a mix of Columbus and T45 tubes, and has dynamo lights, rack and mudguard bosses and a low, central anything cage, so the picnic or camping equipment can stay nice and low and central. The first few audaxes in January are always super fun, but imagine if you will, that bit at the start of a 200km audax where you ride trough a big puddle or a little stream and your feet get wet for the following 170km. Now imagine how great it would be if your feet were three feet away from that puddle, and you could see over all the hedgerows, and see the whole pack of fellow audaxers stretching across the road ahead. Imagine a fast and very stiff long wheelbase tall bike that can carry everything you need with a rear rack, detachable Brompton front rack and anything cage. It’s a bit heavier than a regular frame but not a lot! An extra kilo when your loaded up is fairly irrelevant, but being able to stop in any village in rural France or Spain and be invited into peoples houses for coffee because they’ve never seen anything like it before is a wonderful trip enhancing experience which is absolutely priceless.

            In town, commuting, school children wildly erupt into joyous laughter, truck drivers are baffled as you pull up next to them at traffic lights and float at the same height as their seats, seemingly unsupported. You can see and plan your route through the traffic more effectively, and when people outside pubs shout “how do you get off” I can shout back “pictures of your mum on the internet” 

            In short its really fun.

Petor Georgallou