griff's gothic flatland bmx

Griff is an artist and photographer. He carries his Leica and his Smythsons note book along with his Mont Blanc fountain pen and Victorinox Alox swiss army knife in a different Billingham bag every time I see him. As an artist he is interested in the aesthetics and functionality of every day objects. He wanted a super light custom geometry flatland bike, so he bought an FBM, and he was very happy.

Years later having ridden his FBM ALOT, he still thought it was perfect, but that having a steeper head angle, higher BB, and a slightly longer wheel base would make it PERFECTER! (the spelling of which is as nonsensical as its concept,)

When we discussed what the perfectest perfect would be for him, he told me that as well as the above alterations to the FBM geometry, he wanted it to be like a tiny super light weight traditional lugged track frame. From there we sought out the strongest, widest and most Gothic lug set we could, and put this wee beast together with an ultra light Columbus LIFEtube set,

He says "its the most perfect bike I've ever ridden" I say "let the quest continue".

Petor Georgallou