Thanks for the photos! Bens SNB

Talented press, fashion and bicycle photographer Ben Broomfield (to whom the majority of the photos on this website can be accredited) wanted something fast and comfortable to smash around, up and down the tow paths and about London, with a front rack that could hold all of his photography kit as he travels to and from jobs. 

An issue that he'd had in the past with carrying cameras and lenses on a bike is that the elements of the lens can be vibrated loose from road vibration and bumps. the design we settled on was based around a slackened up, spaced out 1x10 version of the legendary ESB (extra strong bike) built by Ted James that we both lusted after circa 2006. My design is very similar to the original, but includes stainless Paragon Machine Works rear dropouts, disc brakes, an 80mm low travel suspension fork and as a camera cushioning "belt and braces" an elastomer suspended "floating" front rack.

The rack is attached to the frame rather than the fork and the elastomers work best carrying around 15kgs to prevent the adverse steering characteristics associated with front racks attached to the fork.

Ben and I dubbed the bike the SNB (sick nang bike) obviously referencing the original ESB (which while being extra strong is also sick and nang) . When I rode this bike I liked it ALOT so then I built myself one using Raynolds 853 tubes and without the suspension or front rack. See "epiplegggtic bicycle". 

Petor Georgallou