Called the RADEX after Giant's "CADEX" (as it is also designed using CAD software but is more rad). This bike has a monoblade and monostay, 29x3" tyres and is built up with mindbogglingly fantastic Enve Composites parts, a Pinnion 18 speed gear box in a rocking housing for chain/belt tension and is designed to be used with a Gates Carbon belt drive.

It's made from Columbus carbon fiber tubes bonded into hand cut Coulmbus XCR stainless lugs to save a little weight. It's a bit Marmite (you love it or hate it)  it was a lot of fun to build, (I got a little help from our friend Steve at COFA, and I learned alot) and its even more fun to ride! its basicly a scaled up ridged mountain bike form the 90s for a scaled up dorky kid who grew up with one in the 90s.

Petor Georgallou