I first met Shane at Bespoked, when he B-lined to the Dear Susan stand wearing short shorts and pastel pink Converse high tops with a backpack full of tennis racquets and a deflated American football in his hand and said in a thick west country accent "I think you fellers are the ones who can build my bike". To which Will the Decorator replied inmy absence "100% yes" "which has since been the Dear Susan motto."

He showed us his 1960s Isle of White built moped that he had converted into a bike, and then we rationalized that design. the multiple small diameter tubes make for a very comfortable ride, the small wheels mean that it fits in the back of his 80s Mercedes SLK without needing to fold it or remove anything.

It has a built in Brompton style bag mount, making the best use of the tall head tube. it's a perfect little city bike!

Petor Georgallou