Will the decorators "babe hunter"


I built this bike for my very good friend Will the Decorator, without whom Dear Susan would not exist! He is very tall and so needs a custom geometry frame. I designed this 29er for him referencing the "Flying Gate" design for an ultra short road bike (the Patten of which is currently owned by the brilliant Trevor Jarvis), to make an extra short trail/XC bike for an extra long man.

Aesthetically we wanted it to reference American made carbon fiber hunting crossbows, and the whole "realtree scene", so we opted for Controltech carbon "crossbow" bars, and mat "Realtree" hydro-graphic epoxy paint.

Its tight back end and 69 degree head angle makes it very much its own ride, it's stable at speed going down hills while still being nippy and a lot of fun round the trails.

Petor Georgallou