charlie was my first returning customer for a custom build. He commissioned this custom cargo bike for carrying his three children. It has an integrated rear rack for the two eldest, with a front axle at the rear, so one of them can ride along side, and then, if he gets tired, remove his front wheel, attach his bike to the rear and sit on the seat for the rest of the ride. it also has a huge front rack with a suspended baby car seat carrier for his new baby, which can be replaced with a large cargo box when the baby gets big enough to ride on the rear.

the front mono blade was made by mike burrows, and has an oversized machined solid stainless steel axle. I used new old stock hope bigun hubs, for their super strength, and a 12 speed pinion P line gearbox for low maintenance operation. it has an adjustable stem, and it is designed to be locked outside, against lampposts and railings, so it is painted with hammered finish hammerite, as it is widely available, tough, cheep, and very easy to touch up!

Petor Georgallou