graysons "princess freedom bicycle"

this was by far my biggest and most exciting commission to date. it was essentially a big little girls bike. its around 10 feet long an five and feet tall, and it features an integrated plinth for the solid silver princess freedom at the front. although it looks massive and absolutely mad, Grayson is a cyclist, and needed it to ride well. its made from super strong and stiff 2" T45 tubes, and its geometry is akin to Graysons dutch town bike. It has very low trail to accommodate for the long back end and several kilos of silver that hang off the front. It has a dropper post (for wearing very tall platform shoes) and a Rohloff hub gear, as well as a custom chain guard and chrome plated Hope disc brakes with custom heart rotors mounted to a one off hand made hub shell.

this project presented plenty of technical challenges, ad was a fantastic opportunity to meet and work with some really skilled and inspiring people on various details.



Petor Georgallou