How much is a custom frame?

How much is a custom frame? That really depends on how much custom and how much frame. The price is based on the materials used and the time it takes to build. prices start at £700 in T45, £1200 in Columbus, Raynolds or Deda etc, and £1850 in stainless steel &/or carbon fiber. prices and terms are negotiable..

Can you ......... ?

As long as your budget can cover it, anything is possible so long as its not impossible scientifically. Anything that can't be done in house will be outsourced to trusted small UK based companies with whom i work closely

How long will my frame take?

This depends on what we have on. Usual waiting time is around two to three months, but do check when ordering. Faster turn around can sometimes be achieved on a one off basis if circumstances require.

Why "Dear Susan"?

Because its a bit wet lettuce, and has nothing to do with anything. Dear Susan belongs to your imagination to do with it what it will.


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